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Sales performance tracking platform
Platform to build High-Performing sales team

Unico Connect helped worxogo transform their AI engine sales performance platform from an existing product to a fully functionally scalable product. worxogo is now ready to launch globally at an exponential pace!

Worxogo provides an AI based Nudge Coach engine which brings together all your sales, customer support and back office performance data into one Behavior engine. Understand, coach, and manage teams centrally. Transform your performance data into actionable insights, personalized to each rep’s unique motivations.

Client Challenges

Optimizing data integration

To optimize the data processing flow which usually takes 6 hrs to process. Client wanted a tool which analyzes data and guides the sales team to improve their conversion rates.

Massive upgrade in the backend

Client wanted to update their existing system with latest frameworks to improve the overall performance of the application and deploy across 64 servers.



AI Sales industry

Tech Stack

Laravel, MySQL, Python, Al


Web Application

Project Timeline


Features of Web Application

Understand team productivity

Seamlessly sync  CRM and Analytics data for actionable insights.

Understand what motivates your team

Give your team leads behavior insights on what makes your reps tick.

Unlock team productivity

Build better habits. Drive your team to action using behavior shaping nudges.


How we solve it?

Our first step was to redesign the tech architecture to streamline and improve few key Workflows. This was done so that the technology built to integrate with the client's sales team worked efficiently.

Next, we had to remove and add some more custom algorithms to improve the current product and increase the tool's productivity. By implementing these changes, we were able to reduce the integration time of the AI tool called Mia from 4 hours to 10 minutes which was earlier a major challenge for the workxogo team.

To further improve the features and functionality of the current product, we have revamped the UI/ UX, enabling it to have a speedy loading time and easy-to-use interface. These features have made it easier for workxogo to train and deploy its AI product for the client's sales team.


The Final Cut

  • Post implementation of Unico Connect’s solution has helped worxogo increase sales performance of the client's salesforce team.
  • The introduction of Mia, an AI engine helped drive significant business impact on a daily basis. Currently, Mia works with employees across six countries, acts as a personal coach and guides employee actions to improve performance.
  • After upgrading the tech stack to the latest versions added remarkable improvements that were reflected in the overall performance of the application and improved the potential of their application to compete with the modern world with growing customer demands.