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Whether you are looking to scale-up or optimize your processes, Unico Connect serves as the perfect tech-solutions partner for your business. We take a customized approach to deploying effective solutions that will help you take your business to the next level!

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How do IT consulting services benefit your business?

The IT sector provides a vast array of possibilities, including platforms, programming languages, techniques, technologies, tools, and more. With so many different IT services available, navigating them can be intimidating and nearly impossible without the right information. It is highly recommended to work with IT consulting firms that provide a wide range of technology consulting services, as well as knowledge and expertise if you want to cut the learning curve for entering the world of IT.


Formulation of IT Strategy and planning

Unico’s technology consultant will collaborate with you to create a comprehensive strategic plan that connects your business objectives to short- and long-term plans of action.


Help with IT Assessments

To support your main business goals and objectives, you can better understand your IT environment with the use of our information technology assessments.


Custom mobile & web app architecture

Our custom application development solutions provide the mix of effectiveness, teamwork, and speed that is necessary for business growth.


Choose the appropriate technology tools.

When you have all the required data, you can begin looking into the various technologies. Our team will be in charge of your research and assessment efforts of the various tools required for your product.


Completes all Critical Projects

Working with an IT consulting company is less expensive than recruiting a new employee for a single project. Additionally, you'll gain from a consultant's experience, project management skills, and support.


Support from Highly Experienced Professionals

IT consultants work with a variety of clients and have experience solving many challenging problems. This provides them a distinct viewpoint that will help them when serving your company.


Incorporate IT Into Your Business Strategy

An IT consultant actively participates in assisting you in choosing wisely as you use technology to advance your business.


IT Services Are Cost-Effective

A full-time employee is expensive to hire. You must offer a wage as well as advantages like paid time off. An IT consultant, on the other hand, bills by the hour to assist you with a specific project or make suggestions for your company.


Refresh Your IT Infrastructure

An IT consultant may help you reinvigorate your IT system and identify areas for development in addition to perfecting the function of technology in your company's strategy


Reasons Why You Need A Tech Consultant

A tech consultant team helps you improve your online strategy, ensures smooth communication, share know-how to anticipate and avoid problems early on and spot opportunities to generate quantifiable results. Our specialists deliver a unique, objective, and well-thought approach to leverage technology for business success.

We Offer

Mobile/Web application solutions
System architecture
Online brand management
Scalable solutions
Brand visibility optimization
what we do

We leverage technology to build custom solutions for your business

Transform with Experts

We innovatively transform the desired idea into a usable product with correct guidance and best practices.

Agile Framework

We deploy modern-day technology and offer custom solutions to solve your business problems.

Always stay one step Ahead

We adapt and upgrade using unique tools. Staying in the know helps us offer transformative experiences to you that are rare, worldwide.

WE DO IT all

Whether you need to Scale-up or Re-invent Processes - Trust Unico for the Best Tech Advice!

After consulting many businesses, the extensive portfolio of Unico Connect lists projects that required starting from scratch, resolving scaling issues or designing the right solutions. We encourage you to pick our brain while facing problems so we can solve it with a bang!


We kickstart digital transformation

And improve the overall Digital Experience

A problem your internal team cannot fix, a scaling issue or picking apart long middle processes, we can turn the game around with our long digitizing experience and get your project back on track using the right solution.


We adopt agile
development methodology

Optimizing your tech stack to build a super product using latest trending technologies

Based on a thorough analysis of existing bottlenecks, we develop ideas that can realistically yield positive results. We customize our development processes and modify the approach to suit client expectations. Building seamless, functional and goal-oriented products is our forte, and so we are always ready for a new challenge!


We enable ease

For effective use of technology by organizations

Technology offers excellent ways of usage for advancing any business. For one of our clients, we developed porting software that takes minutes for a task which earlier required hundreds of hours. Like so, by researching specific industries, we guide organizations over what exactly to build next. This ensures success in the long run due to the application of futuristic solutions early on.


We recommend tech stacks

That suit your needs

With the guidance of top-notch experts, we back your products with solid technologies. Technologies are chosen considering the use cases of the product. The combination of assets such as databases, programming languages, etc, differs from project to project.


We improve your strategy

By building solutions with a smart team

Unico Connects’ experience with numerous clients helps the team carefully differentiate between the many solutions available to benefit a core product. Building an efficient strategy, we fulfill business goals by taking in feedback from the market, running a few iterations, and helping clients with more developments to enable scaling.


We Build a MVP

That delivers solid results within a dedicated / defined timeline

A well-balanced MVP is an excellent way to optimize your idea at the optimum cost and time. To introduce sufficient features to your customers through an MVP, we provide MVP development service and envision, craft, and optimize an idea into a full-fledged product. We conduct in-depth analysis, fast kick-off and a business-oriented approach. Moreover, we adopt no-code tools that work best to achieve MVP at a quicker rate.

Why choose Unico connect for Web app developement


We Care

From user-friendly, scalable and innovative solutions to using the latest technology we cover it all to help you achieve the best outcome for your business.


We are Meticulous

We write each line of code carefully, strictly scrutinize and test it multiple times before the final product launch to ensure stability.


We are Solution Seekers

We love a challenge! Resolving tech problems in record time is something we are known for.


We Respect Deadlines

We are quick, organized and proactive, and ensure to deliver on-time with uncompromised quality.


We Work with Modern Tools

We know each product comes with a unique set of challenges and with the no-code/code approach, we deliver customized solutions for a favorable outcome.


We Have High-Quality Standards 

Using set standards benchmarked by our experts always gives us the right direction and helps us create products to perfection without breaking a sweat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Need help? Here are the top questions asked by our customers


How long does it take to build the first version of my product idea?

It depends on the scope and complexity of your idea. Is it a web only product or will it have mobile apps as well? Does it support a variety of payment gateways? Are any 3rd party service integrations needed? As a rule of thumb, the first version of a digital product can be brought to the market in 3-6 months.

How many people will work on my Minimum Viable Product?

We provide team composition based on the technical requirements needed to build your product and the budget. Developers are assigned from start to finish, or they will join to work on specific modules only where their expertise is required. A team might need designers when the project starts but not during the whole development lifecycle. A project manager oversees the project during its development lifecycle. The minimal team size is two people, but we also have 4-8 people agile teams working parallel on digital products.

How do you recommend a tech stack?

As tech experts, we select our tools carefully. We believe that picking the right tools for the job results in more successful software products. Our tech stack includes modern, tried & tested programming languages that power the next generation of digital products on the internet.

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