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Get business-ready custom web development solutions from industry experts.

Serve optimized content, troubleshoot site speed issues, track customer behavior, and build long-term relationships with consumers – with the best custom-web development service provider, Unico Connect.


Development and Design

The web development and design services encompass the entire website creation, deployment, and maintenance processes. The functionality and appearance aspects of the website are covered under web development and design service.


Responsive Design

A responsive website helps ensure that the layout and content respond or adapt to the size of the screen. A mobile responsive design website improves your customer experience and searches result ranking.


User Experience

At Unico Connect, we build a website tailored to your business needs and brand personality. Designers at Unico Connect design adaptive visual elements to enhance user interaction with the software product. Moreover, custom design and development services help attain better customer experience and higher customer satisfaction. 


Specialized Applications

At Unico Connect, we design and implement robust, high-performance, scalable web applications for specialized use cases such as operational applications, customer relationship management software, and others.


At Unico Connect, we employ a well-structured, customer-centric, and goal-based web development approach to deliver extraordinary services.


Define the vision and product specification.

The very first step of the development process is understanding your vision for the websites, critical business objectives, and target-customers perspective. Accordingly, we formulate the plan of action, define the first set of features and user flow, and inform the estimated time and budget.


Stepwise software development

At Unico Connect, we develop software by employing modern coding practices. From our end, you will receive frequent progress reports and updates on critical milestones achieved – providing you with more control over the web development process.


Quality Testing and Review

At Unico Connect, we employ both manual and automated quality testing approaches to ensure that the delivered website code is bug-free. The performance review conducted by our analyst helped identify the scope of future development

Limitless Benefits of Custom Web Development

Brand-centric website design

A website not only displays your offerings but also represents your brand’s personality. Developers at our custom web development company provide your website with a personalized touch and an exceptional user experience.We strive to build a standalone brand personality for your organization.

Optimized customer experience

Optimizing a website allows your organization to drive real business results. We build a customer-focused website with optimal site structure and user experience.The design of the website developed by the Unico Connect developer aligns with your business objective.

Strategic Search Engine Optimization

Better brand-centric custom website design means better search engine optimization performance. Custom website designs are not only convenient for web developers to manage but also for SEO experts to rank across search engines.


Front End Web Development

Make your first impression impactful, with a well-designed and functional website. We create lasting impressions with super functional and visually attractive web solutions. Our developers are up to date with dynamic tools and techniques associated with front end development. We match and ace our practice of producing CSS, HTML and JavaScript to develop engaging web applications for users.

Web Development Services We Offer

Digital transformation
Increase client productivity on your web apps
Gain advice, insights and analysis
Offer smooth designs and interface to your clients
Get support with products like Xano, Webflow, React, Node Js and Hasura

Back End Web Development

Our behind the scenes activities focus on developing a server-side logic to power the functioning of websites and apps. We set up server-side technologies that make a website tick! From database migration to API integrations, we focus on all the codes needed to build the server, application and database.


No code Development

Unleash the true potential of your business with the no-code advantage to build tailor-made applications. Create MVPs at an incredible speed and get ready to dominate the market with our custom made no-code solutions!

case study. Platform- web, IOS & Android

Creating a seamless educational experience

Highlands Charter School is a diverse community for social justice, serving the unserved, providing access to education, technology and communication to 21st century achievers. The Highlands Brain app aims to unify a more seamless and supportive educational experience for students and staff.

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Why choose Unico connect for Web App developement


We Care

From user-friendly, scalable and innovative solutions to using the latest technology we cover it all to help you achieve the best outcome for your business.


We are Meticulous

We write each line of code carefully, strictly scrutinise and test it multiple times before the final product launch to ensure stability.


We are Solution Seekers

We love a challenge! Resolving tech problems in record time is something we are known for.


We Respect Deadlines

We are quick, organised and proactive, and ensure to deliver on-time with uncompromised quality.


We Work with Modern Tools

We know each product comes with a unique set of challenges and with the no-code/code approach, we deliver customised solutions for a favorable outcome.


We Have High-Quality Standards 

Using set standards benchmarked by our experts always gives us the right direction and helps us create products to perfection without breaking a sweat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Need help? Here are the top questions asked by our customers


What is the difference between a web app and a native app?

A web application runs on a web browser and requires mobile data or wi-fi to work. On the other hand, native app is installed directly on the mobile phone and depends upon the nature of native app; it can work without using an internet connection.

How much does it cost to develop a website?

The cost of website development depends on many factors such as the development platform, app categories, project complexity and number of features you need in your website or web app. Refer to our Pricing Plan to understand our development plans.

How long does a web development project take to complete from start to finish?

This depends on the type and complexity of your project. Weeks 1-2 involves planning and organization, followed by the graphic design phase, which can take another two weeks. Then there’s coding, development, testing, launch, and promotion/maintenance, so the process can be broken down into cycles, enabling you to keep track of the progress of your web application and manage the project timeline in more detail.

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