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Navigate complex challenges with simplicity

We work with diverse clients by decoding even the most challenging projects with refreshing solutions! We bring any screen to life by engaging in services like UI/UX, mobile development, web development and more.

Our work includes developments made with the renowned faces of the IT sector and start-ups. We’re a team of diverse talents whose personalities and passions merge to create products with a difference at Unico.

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Dipen Patel


Soni Prakash


Rajesh Roy

Company Secretary

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Priya Shelar
Priya Shelar
Priya Shelar
Priya Shelar
Priya Shelar
Priya Shelar
Priya Shelar
Priya Shelar
Priya Shelar
Priya Shelar
Priya Shelar
Priya Shelar
Priya Shelar

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Our Core Values for a Successful Business

Outperform yourself and go beyond expectations

Be limitless and compete with yourself. Never settle for less when you know you can and should do better.

Question the status-quo in an effective way

Trust your instincts and knowledge and go with your gut; there's always more to learn, even if it means questioning your superiors!

Take ownership of your success and failures

Experiment, fail, learn and succeed. Taking risks and experimenting is how we know and flourish.

Be curious and ready to explore!

We all are a part of the learning and growing curve. So, take pride in your doings and ensure your actions make everyone proud.

Promote a transparent and inclusive culture

We believe every individual's social responsibility is to build an inclusive, transparent and healthy work culture for their colleagues and themselves.

Sow the seed of ambition and soar to new heights

Chart out your career goals, sketch out a blueprint and let nothing hold you back while you be mindful of others as well as you as you grow.

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