Why us

Building quality products are a challenge

taking up challenges is our way of upscaling our performance.

We know that time and capital are of great essence to you. Hence, when you entrust us with your requirements, we ensure to do justice to both. Quick service from our team’s best developers that deliver quality work which matches expectations and deadlines is what we bring to the table.


Why are We Different?

Upwork & freelancers


Inputs you provide act as the primary source of understanding your project, and they work as per their effects and niche specialization.


Freelancers might be individuals or fixed teams that set timelines a per their bandwidth and do not work beyond what is conveyed.


Work with a fixed team throughout the project life cycle and try to finish the project at a faster rate.


Longer project timelines as freelancers usually stick to tools specific to the person.

Traditional Agencies


Inputs you provide work as the primary source of understanding your project, and they work with traditional tools.


The teams bandwidth might often shift as a single team might be working on multiple projects and focus only on specifics provided by you.


They might be able to upscale your team in a constrained fashion but focus more on maximizing their profits.


Most agencies use traditional software development tools and they stick to basic ones.

Your Ultimate Solution to Connect Digitally!

Unico Connect


Connect with developers, coding experts and designers with an exceptional understanding of the software and kick-start your project with solutions that do not limit and extend to no-code tools.


Hire a dedicated team for a chosen project period or choose a fixed-scope plan with experts who ask the right questions and create a project.


You get the flexibility to upscale your team as per your project requirement as the focus is more on the product output.


You get tools adapted to your demand and no-code application that help conserve 30-40% of your project completion time.
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Meet the Unico Connect team!

UI /UX Designer

Our UI/UX designers address both the design and functional aspects of your products. They ensure the visual elements of your application are spectacular while keeping the interactive features practical and efficient to navigate. Our UI/UX designers tailor complex solutions into a user friendly and visually appealing format to suit your users’ requirements.

Front-End Developers

Our front-end developers are responsible for your application's first and last impression. Their focus is to give your product a look and feel that serves the business purpose. While managing the face of the app, they are in constant sync with the developers and designers on the intricate elements that mark up a striking visual impression for your users.

Backend Developers

They are the ‘behind-the-scenes’ magicians of your product and the backbone of your application. Back-end developers are primarily responsible for the smooth functioning of your product as well as any updates that may be needed as they develop code that communicates between the application's database and the browser.

DevOps engineer

DevOps Engineers help reduce complexity during the software development of an application. They write code and introduce tools or processes that help in quality assurance by detecting bugs that could be possibly slowing down the development process.

Project manager

And last but not least, the Project Manager. Our PM has a birds-eye-view of the entire project and ensures that everything stays on track as per the project timeline. When challenges arise, our project managers step up, resolve them and ensure continuity of all deliveries.