platform- Web, IOS & Android

Highlands Brain

Highlands Community Charter School is an English learning institution for students in California, having a diverse student population that’s primarily made up of refugees from Afghanistan and Ukraine.

Highlands Charter School is a diverse community for social justice, serving the unserved, providing access to education, technology and communication to 21st century achievers. The Highlands Brain app aims to unify a more seamless and supportive educational experience for students and staff.




Tech Stack

React Js, Flutter & Xano


Web, iOS & Android

Project Timeline

18 weeks

Problem Statement

The customer was looking to unify a more seamless and supportive educational experience for their students and staff through a mobile app. The need for establishing optimal remote learning and communication due to the pandemic was another important problem the customer intended to address.

How we solved it

Unico Connect worked closely with the customer during the requirements stage, to understand and recommend the scope of work for building the first version of the product.

The solution involved building a web app in ReactJS and iOS & Android mobile apps in Flutter for both staff and students. Xano was recommended as the no code backend. We implemented a student information system, robust chat functionality, a task management system, a news & events section that can be filtered by subscriptions, single-click access to the school’s support staff and an attendance module using QR codes.

The product involved several third party integrations as well as building a micro-service to handle authentication for one of the third party platforms.

The web and mobile apps were successfully demonstrated to the staff and students and are now live & accessible by all of them. They have now become an integral part of the school who are continuing their engagement with us to add more features and functionality to the apps.