platform- Mobile ,web

A Tele calling Application
Transforming an idea to an actual market app ready solution

Unico Connect helped Futwork transform their vision of tele-callers from an idea to an actual market app-ready solution.

Futwork is a start-up that helps companies set up distributed tele-calling teams on-demand. Futwork is reimagining outbound tele-calling operations by driving output-based pricing. They use technology to train and deploy tele-callers from over 100 cities to maintain quality. Till date, Futwork has - 1000 trained calls, 30+ customers, 10+ languages and have completed over 1 million calls.

Client Challenges

Create an algorithm

To develop a workable solution or an algorithm for storing, retrieving, and querying large amounts of heterogeneous data.

Scalable product

They needed a robust technology in order to build the MVP in a timely manner along with the right tech stack which had the ability to scale up.



Gig economy

Tech Stack

React JS, Node JS, MongoDB


Android,iOS platform app and web platform

Project Timeline

6 Months

Features of Web App & Mobile App


Connect various social media profiles of the user and sync their contacts with their profile.

Auto-form fill

Integrate a feature to scan the profile of users and sync their information with the application.


The gig workers making calls from home go through training of soft skills, products, and situation handling before they start calling.


How we solve it?

Unico Connect’s team initiated the project with its unique ‘Discover & Frame’ workshop to define requirements, feature sets, the best architecture solution, product design, and technology stacks. The workshop enabled all the stakeholders to get an in-depth analysis of the business idea, define a clear product vision and prioritize the scope.

We deployed Futwork on the right GCP from day one, so that the cloud settings were optimized, and everything was set up. This exempted Futwork from having any problems as the company grew.

Unico Connect also helped in the overall designing and development of the mobile app and web version of the application. The web app was built on ReactJS, Redux, and the backend was built on NodeJS and MongoDB. Admin was also built on ReactJS and WordPress.


The Final Cut

  • Futwork is changing how companies can run outbound tele-calling operations; powered by gig workers! Futwork was able to launch and market the product in a timely manner as Unico Connect ensured that the deliverables were delivered within the timelines.
  • The adoption of the DevOps approach has accelerated the release cycle by 2x and has resulted in 30% cost savings in the feature update process within a few months of its launch.
  • Futwork has saved costs for many companies that use its service as these companies don’t need to worry about additional processes like hiring, attrition, cost, infrastructure, and training of people.