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Meditation App
Building a clean and functional mental fitness application platform

Unico Connect helped Deep Meditate to build the mobile application in the iOS version in three months. This enabled Deep Meditate to achieve the goal of acquiring 100k+ new users.

Deep Meditate is a health, fitness, and wellness company that provides a mental fitness software application platform. The platform helps its users in meditation as it utilizes guides and routines designed for meditation. The company was founded in the year 2019 and is headquartered in California, United States.

Client Challenges

New Look

The founder aimed to build the platform in three months at a reasonable cost and wanted a similar yet slightly better UI/ UX for the apple users. Another client requirement was to build some custom features to improve the user experience and increase the number of users.

Build the app in iOS

The founder of Deep Meditate had already built the mobile application for the android version, which had around 1 Lakh users on its system. He wanted to reach out to the apple users and make the mobile app in the iOS version.




Tech Stack

Native iOS, Android


Mobile App

Project Timeline

3 months

Features of Mobile App

Offline support

The app functions offline without an internet connection

Save audio recordings

In-app purchases allowed users to buy premium subscriptions and download audio files on devices.

Audio Player

Audio player was build with unique user interface design

Personalized daily plan

The app asks a series of personalized questions which provides you with customized routine.


How we solve it?

Unico Connect made use of its experienced team and implemented an agile tech approach for this project. It needed to be built at a fast pace with little or no errors at an affordable price.

Unico Connect's team started the project with its unique 'Discover & Frame' workshop to define requirements, feature sets, product design, technology stacks, and the best solution architecture. Once the strategic plans were mutually finalized, the team mapped the requirements onto the technology landscape and primarily built the architectural level's right form.

We suggested and implemented the latest UI, UX for the iOS version. The technology used was iOS and android. The key feature post-development was the loading time and speed of the application. These were important aspects to cover since the application had many videos to choose from, and the database workflow had to be effective.


The Final Cut

  • Deep Meditate has impacted a large number of people in the world by helping them practice different types of meditation. Unico Connect gladly accepted and perfected this project with the additional thought of changing people's lives positively during a pandemic.
  • The client was able to achieve a Million downloads on the Andriod platform. It is now a famous meditation app on the Andriod app store with a 4.4 rating.
  • The application, Deep Meditate, is popularising and transforming various types of meditation practices for different people dealing with their unique problems. Catering to different kinds of moods and giving multiple genres to choose from is the USP of this application.
  • Currently, the adoption rate of the iOS application is 3x of its competitors.