Power BI Developer

Mid level (3-5 Years)
Senior level (5+ Years)

A Power BI (Business Intelligence) developer is a professional responsible for designing, developing, and implementing business intelligence solutions using Microsoft Power BI tools. The role involves working with data to create insightful and visually appealing reports and dashboards that help organizations make informed business decisions.


Data Analysis:

-Analyze and understand business requirements to determine data needs and objectives.

-Evaluate and preprocess data to ensure quality and suitability for analysis.

Power BI Development:

-Design, develop, and maintain Power BI reports and dashboards.

-Create data models and relationships within Power BI to support reporting needs.

-Implement data transformations, cleansing, and aggregations as required.

Data Integration:

-Integrate data from various sources, such as databases, Excel files, APIs, and others, into Power BI for comprehensive reporting.

-Ensure data consistency and accuracy across different datasets.

Query Optimization:

-Write and optimize DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) queries to extract and manipulate data efficiently.

-Perform performance tuning to enhance report loading times.


-Develop visually appealing and intuitive dashboards and reports to convey insights effectively.

-Implement best practices for data visualization and user experience.


-Collaborate with business stakeholders, analysts, and other team members to understand reporting requirements.

-Provide training and support to end-users for understanding and utilizing Power BI reports.

Security and Governance:

-Implement security measures to ensure data confidentiality and compliance.

-Adhere to governance standards and best practices in Power BI development.

Troubleshooting and Support:

-Identify and resolve issues related to data, reports, or dashboards.

-Provide support for Power BI users and address any technical challenges.

Stay Updated:

-Keep abreast of industry trends, updates, and new features in Power BI.

-Continuously enhance skills and knowledge in data analysis and visualization.


-Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or a related field.

-3+ years of proven experience as a Power BI developer or in a similar BI role.

-Proficiency in Microsoft Power BI tools and technologies.

-Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

-Knowledge of data modeling, database design, and SQL.

-Familiarity with business processes and industry-specific data.

Nice to have

-Experience with other BI tools.

-Knowledge of ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes.

-Understanding of data warehousing concepts.

-Programming skills in languages like Python or R.

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Keys skills to possess

Data Modeling