Importance of UX/UI Design: How Design Can Make or Break Your App

Let's face it: no matter how well your mobile app performs or how effectively it's supposed to solve your target audience's pain points, people won't use it unless it's pleasant and straightforward.

The market is teeming with similar apps, but some fail while others obtain a whopping amount of downloads. Want to know a secret? Mobile app UI/UX design can make or break your app’s market success.

This is fair enough, especially since no one loves deciphering confusing interfaces or taking too many steps to complete a simple action that could be done in a click or two. To explain this perspective on design, let's take a closer look at the importance of UI and UX for a mobile application.

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Dec 8, 2023


Mobile App UI and UX Explained 

Before we dive deeper into the importance of good design, here's a brief explanation of what exactly UI and UX mean, in case you do not fully comprehend what it is.

UI is an abbreviation for user interface, which is about screens, buttons, and other visual elements a person sees in a mobile app.

UX stands for user experience, which is essentially how a user feels when interacting with an app. It includes the app structure, navigation, logic, and transitions. Generally, an app UX design isn't aimed at a physical feeling but rather at the ease and convenience of using the app in question.

Importance of UI and UX Design for App Success

Understanding the true value of a good UI/UX design and thus focusing on it from the early phases of development is paramount. Not only will it help your app stand out from the crowd once it hits the market, but it will also save you time, money, and stress — you'll avoid the costly rework and disappointment of not having met the users' needs. And it's only the tip of the iceberg — there are more reasons why UI and UX are important.

UI/UX mobile app design shapes the first impression of your app

The first impression matters. Moreover, it has a long-lasting effect. 

Imagine opening an app you haven't used before. What creates that precious first impression? Functionality? No. Features? Wrong again. 

Yes, it's an app's UI/UX design. A baffling interface and inconvenient user experience can even prevent a user from trying out all your amazing features and exciting functionality. 

So the conclusion is obvious — for a favorable first impression, you need to take care of the UI/UX design for your mobile app.

It helps ensure higher ROI

A rewarding UI/UX mobile app design is all about smooth and easy navigation, which translates into greater user satisfaction. 

There's no need to explain that satisfied users are more likely to convert into buying customers, thus increasing your ROI.

On the contrary, anything confusing, overly bright, or a too dull user interface and poor user experience will only drive impressive bounce rates.

A good design makes folks come back for more

A user-friendly, fun-to-use application is a surefire way to secure user retention. 

It's a no-brainer, really: if an app is aesthetically pleasing and easy to use, why browse app marketplaces in search of something else?

If user retention is one of your priorities, it's wise to do your best to make sure that your users fall in love with your app. Otherwise, user loyalty becomes questionable. 

Satisfying UI/UX design enhances customer acquisition

A well-thought-out UI/UX design is a tried-and-true way to grow your user base. The more enticing and user-friendly your solution, the stronger your competitive edge.

Moreover, if your app succeeds in delivering any value and providing a smooth user experience, your users will likely recommend it to their friends, growing your downloads exponentially at zero cost. 

It's one of the few ways to make your app user-centric

In this intensely competitive business environment, the customer is king, and those who manage to better address customer needs win the race. 

User-centricity is anchored in the app UX design — by creating smooth experiences, you literally take care of the user's convenience when they interact with your app. As a result, users will more likely choose your app over others. 

Conversely, without a well-planned UX design for said mobile app, you risk undermining the overall user-centricity of your application.

Smooth UI and sweet UX lead to top rankings on app marketplaces

In the first place, the success of a mobile app is measured by the number of downloads. 

As already mentioned, an enjoyable user experience coupled with an appealing interface multiplies an app's chances of being downloaded. This way, your app will appear on the top of search results in the app marketplace, resulting in attracting even more users.

On the other hand, poor UI/UX design is no good when you want many downloads and high rankings. Actually, users can make judgments about your UI design without downloading the app — you'll likely provide screenshots to the marketplace. You know what happens if it doesn't appeal to your target audience.

It strengthens your brand

Lastly, all of the reasons mentioned above strongly feed into reinforcing your brand. 

A rewarding UI/UX design goes a long way toward creating a great first impression, building customer loyalty and trust, attracting more users, and boosting your brand's user-centricity. 

As long as the users are happy, they'll stay with you, and a good UI/UX design is key to keeping your audience satisfied. 

Leverage The Best App UI/UX Design Practices with Unico Connect

The importance of good design shouldn't be underestimated. The secret is simple — by catering to your users' needs and wants and making their digital experiences rewarding and convenient, you trigger a never-ending loop of benefits. By investing in professional UX/UI design for a mobile app, you actually invest in the success of your app and your brand.

At Unico Connect, we can help you create a fascinating UI/UX mobile app design, making your app not only beautiful but also high-converting. Contact us today to get a custom quote for your project.

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