Best Customer Engagement Tools You Should Start Using Right Now!

Dipen patel
Jan 22, 2021

What is customer engagement?

Quite a buzzword among online businesses today, customer engagement is a measure of a brand’s interaction with its customers across all touchpoints throughout their lifecycle. Consistently engaging customers on a variety of channels help brands build and strengthen a ‘human-to-human’ connection with them and add value beyond just transactional relationships.

Often used interchangeably, customer engagement involves actively interacting with your audience with messaging that interests, educates, or motivates them, and encourages two-way conversations with your business basis their stage in the buying journey. 

With more and more businesses adopting the customer-centric approach while developing their marketing strategies, customer engagement inevitably holds center stage for them to build top-of-mind awareness and achieve the projected growth.

Why is it important?

We often worry about how many people are using our app and what trends they are constantly exploring. Listening to our users is important. But in reality, defining a user's response to possible information can be challenging (and time-consuming). Often, your users do not really speak your language. This is where the user analytics tools come in handy — the right user statistics tool can help you translate raw user behavior into the solution you can work with.

User engagement covers the length and breadth of the user's journey and should gradually, but slowly, push users deeper into the product. Your ability to keep the conversation going with important, useful information can make the difference between customer retention and customer engagement. Let’s take a look at some of the most effective tools that define customer engagement:

Mo Engage: Mo Engage is a mobile-first customer engagement and user retention platform. It enables you to provide personalized user experiences to your customers throughout their product journey, thereby increasing customer engagement and user retention.

With Mo Engage, you can:

  • Analyze customer choices as they move through the funnel to craft compelling and tailored customer experiences.
  • Find out which customer is dropping off at which stage and why by looking at the demographics, location, device type, and acquisition channels data.
  • Create customer groups based on their behavior and attributes with the AI-driven segmentation engine. This way, you can activate your customers quickly, with relevant and contextual messages.
  • Build a seamless and connected customer experience across various channels (email, text, social media, etc.) and different devices for higher customer retention.
  • Visualize, create, and automate customer lifecycle campaigns to send the right message at the right time.

Web Engage: Web Engage helps you design and deliver contextual, personalized, and highly targeted campaigns to improve your conversion rate and grow your business. You can effectively engage with your customers through automated push notifications, SMS, emails, social notifications, and more.

With Web Engage, you can:

  • Get real-time, actionable insights on your customers and marketing campaigns based on different customer touchpoints.
  • Segment your users based on their product behavior, demographics, and tons of other metrics.
  • Send highly personalized, contextual, and relevant messages and push notifications across different channels and platforms.
  • Personalize your communications to make valuable customer interactions.
  • Use the intuitive Journey Designer to design highly interactive user workflows and map them to your marketing campaigns.

Mix panel: Mix panel is an industry-leading product and behavioral analytics platform used by many businesses to optimize their product and increase user engagement. It allows you to analyze the customer event data and identify trends associated with your key business metrics.

With Mix panel, you can:

  • Analyze customer event data across a variety of platforms, including mobile and web.
  • Implement efficient correlation analysis to identify critical trends in your business metrics, as well as audience behavior.
  • Formulate and test hypotheses related to changes in your product’s features and measure their impact on the audience.
  • Implement the features that work for you, improve customer engagement, and boost your retention rate.

Cleve tap: Cleve Tap is a popular SaaS-based customer engagement and retention platform who’s in-app analytics and marketing capabilities allow you to get real-time insights into your customers and build long-term relationships. With CleverTap, you can easily understand how your users are using your product and keep track of their actions. You can also run targeted campaigns on different user segments to boost user engagement and retention.

With Clever Tap, you can:

  • Engage customers with messaging campaigns on different platforms, including mobile, web, e-mail, SMS, and social.
  • Provide each customer segment with a complete set of design, testing, and deployment tools without code implementation.
  • Manage omnichannel campaigns based on user behavior, location, and lifecycle stage.
  • Understand customers based on their lifecycle stages and encourage them to progress from one stage to the next.
  • Optimize your customer messaging and improve ROI for your campaigns.

Braze: Braze is a marketing automation platform that extensively uses analytics to power and optimizes your marketing campaigns. It gives you a 360-degree view of your customers by bringing together all the relevant data in one place. You also get an intuitive campaign builder that allows you to quickly build your campaigns and get them up and running in no time.

With Braze, you can:

  • Build effective marketing campaigns without any coding using a simple drag-and-drop feature.
  • Use cutting-edge predictive analytics to automate the delivery of push notifications and emails to your customers at the most suitable time.
  • Get real-time insights to better understand your customers’ online behaviour and overall product journey.
  • Use data-based suggestions to optimize your marketing campaigns.
  • Integrate it with popular third-party tools such as Amplitude, Microsoft Azure, and more.

Irrespective of the nature of your business you know one thing for sure—you need user engagement tools for your business’ success. The above-mentioned customer engagement tools from different categories can help to achieve your key business goals. These tools can also help to create or streamline an engagement strategy for your business. The good part is that the engagement tools are easy to use and implement. Choose the right one to acquire and retain your customers.

written by
Dipen patel

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