Luxury Villa Booking Platform

‍Building a scalable tech for a property booking platform

Unico Connect built the whole digital solution for Vista Rooms from scratch which lead to exponential growth and expansion in 3 years.

Stay Vista is South Asia's largest network of luxury homes. Guests can choose from a collection of over 500 luxury villas and private holiday homes across India. Ideal for individual and group getaways, Stay Vista helps create memorable experiences so guests can reconnect with nature, their loved ones, and themselves. Stay Vista is trusted by over 300,000 customers.

Client Challenges

Scaling up from MVP to MSP

Initial MVP had a basic custom website that listed photos and details of the villas where the customers could do the booking. We had to scale the MVP product to a potential MSP which had stakeholders like villa owners, caretakers, customers, and company employees for operations.

Linking payment methods

The client wanted to switch from offline payment to online payment gateways such that bookings can happen instantly.

Revamp the Stay Vista brand

The client wanted to revamp the booking platform with a vibrant user interface and an intuitive booking experience to gain more visitors and shift the entire tech stack from Angular to React for the front-end development.

Ease of operations

Build a scalable tech that even cater to interior parts of India which do not have stable internet connections.




Tech Stack

React, Angular , Laravel


Mobile and Web app

Project Timeline

Since 2017

Features of Web App & Mobile App

Various Booking Pricing Plan

Option for owners to change the pricing of their listing season wise, weekly wise, day wise or occasion based.

Add On Features

Customers can send out special notes for the owners with their list of requirements while making a booking

Owner Side Management App

A seperate platform for owners where they can manage with upcoming bookings, preview old bookings, block their listing in advance.

Caretaker Side Management App

An app with list of all upcoming bookings, and guest management system where caretaker can collect customers identity data.

Offline Meals

An option for Stay Vista agents to customise meal plans while creating bookings.

Optimized Search Engine

The  page which use to take seconds to load, can now load in microseconds using the elastic search feature.

How we solve it?

Unico Connect had to take a smart and hybrid agile approach. The apps which were being built had to work offline. The operations on both, the web and mobile platforms needed to run smoothly even if the internet was unstable.

We made a web and a mobile app according to the Vista Rooms vision and requirement. We kept improving and building new features in every new phase of development as the business grew and faced new challenges. The team at Unico Connect made sure the UI ad UX was on point, easy for customers to use and navigate the booking process on the Vista Room app.

Unico Connect had to make custom algorithms in the entire development process for key features like dynamic pricing, different tax structures in different cities resulting in the change of final pricing for the customers.

How Can You Have Different Pages Rendered From Different Technologies?‍

The client wanted to switch the entire platform from Angular to React. Currently, the home page is running React whereas the rest of the pages are rendered using Angular. Unico Connect came up with a unique solution where we used an elastic load balancer to do route-level loading.

The Final Cut

Unico Connect has successfully delivered Stay Vista Booking platform, Owner management app, Caretaker app and various admin panels.

Unico Connect’s unique agile, hybrid approach helped Vista Rooms scale up its operation and revenue by 5x. This also resulted in an increase of employee size count from 1 to 300 in just 4 years.

Stay vista now has 500 properties listed across 30+ locations, with 2,50,000 bookings happening till date. They grew from a handful of employees to a full-grown team of more than 300 employees.

Unico Connect was able to save the cost in tech and operations business expenses by 40% by selecting the right tech stack and by building the right tech architecture framework from the beginning.